Building Trust & Confidence One Case At A Time



Building Trust and Confidence One Case at a Time.

The Law Office of Elizabeth J. Coviello, PA provides strategic representation to individuals and families. Our primary objective is to provide reasonably priced and exceptional legal services. Since the establishment of the firm, we have and will continue to help individuals and families protect their finances, rights and futures.


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Although not always comfortable or entirely predictable, change is inevitable. There are certain events over the course of our lives that are almost certain to alter the dynamics or landscape of a family. Some of these major events, such as: marriage, divorce, birth, injury and death require the help of competent and compassionate legal counsel.

Legal Advice

We handle each case with the intent to offer our clients fresh perspectives and legal insight based on their unique needs.

Comprehensive Case Evaluation

We are dedicated to providing our clients with a comprehensive and insightful case evaluation prior to representation. Every client is entitled to fully understand the planned course of action toward meeting the client’s specific goals and objectives. A successful Attorney-Client relationship must begin with a solid foundation where expectations are fully and clearly understood.


Legal Practice Areas

Small Business

We are dedicated to zealous representation of clients in all phases of their lives. Many times, this involves the operation of a small or family-owned business.


Estate planning or probate administration is one of our practice areas at The Law Office of Elizabeth J. Coviello. Let our team assist you along the way.

Personal Injury

Life can be tumultuous and having the right representation in your corner can ensure you receive the financial restitution you deserve.


A premarital agreement is a written contract entered into by a couple prior to marriage which enables them to protect certain legal rights and obligations.

Child Support

Child support is a periodic payment made by one parent to the other parent ensuring the ongoing financial support for their child.

Family Law

Providing representation to individuals in family law cases including divorce, paternity action, child custody, and spousal support.


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The Law Office of Elizabeth J. Coviello, P.A. is dedicated to helping families navigate the often complex legal issues likely to arise during the course of certain family changes. We represent individuals with general civil litigation matters including: family law issues, accidental injury claims, and legal issues faced by small businesses.

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I was referred to Ms. Coviello by a friend. She is extremely professional and was very clear and thorough explaining to me the divorce process. She met all my expectations and made the process as painless as possible. Thanks to her, I got everything that was fair and just. If I ever need any other legal services I will be contacting her first.


Tampa Bay, Florida

I did hire Ms. Coviello and without going into too many details Elizabeth Coviello did a great job for me and my son. I cannot stress it enough she did a great job and was transparent with me in communication even when it was something I didn’t necessarily want to hear she was very honest and did not set expectations that could not be obtained. 


Tampa Bay, Florida

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