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For better or worse, spouses are free to choose one another. Children, on the other hand, do not choose their parents.  It is an unfortunate reality that as a result of their vulnerability, children often end up suffering the most harm, and often become unintended victims of an adversarial, high-conflict divorce.  Appropriate care can and should be taken to lessen or altogether avoid this unnecessary scenario.  Our law firm is dedicated to ensuring that appropriate measures are taken to every extent necessary and possible throughout the course of all family law related cases involving children.

Time-sharing (formerly referred to as “child custody”) involves the amount and manner of time-sharing each parent will exercise with their child.  The courts look to the best interests of the child ahead of all else.  There are numerous factors that are considered in determining a time-sharing schedule, and there are a variety of different scheduling plans that can be implemented to fit the unique needs and circumstances of a particular family.  

A time-sharing schedule can be agreed upon by the parents, or absent such agreement, it can be established by order of the Court.   The schedule is normally included in a document referred to as a “Parenting Plan” that includes a variety of other relevant details about the responsibility of each parent with respect to matters such as expenses related extracurricular activities, transportation, and the manner of time-sharing exchange between the parties. 


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