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Spousal Support

Spousal support is a legal obligation to provide financial support to a spouse both during and after a divorce.  There are many different types of spousal support available in the State of Florida depending on the unique circumstances of the parties to a divorce action.  Spousal support is foremost determined by establishing that one spouse has a need for financial support and the other spouse has the ability to provide the needed support.  Every alimony award must be grounded first upon the establishment of need and ability.  Once both a need and ability are established, the court looks to a variety of statutory criteria in determining the legally appropriate type of alimony (length or duration of financial support) and the appropriate amount of financial support owed by one spouse to the other.  

Unlike child support, alimony can be waived by the parties and there is no set formula provided under Florida law in determining an award of alimony.

Early and adequate legal counsel, oftentimes as early as divorce is contemplated but not yet underway, can be critical for a party who may face the need for spousal support or a party who may face the obligation of providing such support.  

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