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The Law Office of Elizabeth J. Coviello is dedicated to zealous representation of clients in all phases of their lives.  Many times, this involves the operation of a small or family-owned business. Large corporations have in-house counsel to identify the risks associated with their business decisions.  Often, small businesses and individuals cannot afford the luxury of having in-house counsel, but still have the need for solid legal advice and personal attention to address their legal needs.  The Law Office of Elizabeth J. Coviello is dedicated to providing quality representation to small businesses and individuals.  

We are readily available to help you identify risks that could negatively affect your bottom line and provide advice to help minimize or avoid those risks in the future.  Our objective is to support your business goals with timely solutions tailored to your business needs.

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Personal Injury

Few things can be as disruptive as an unexpected injury. We can help by
getting you the compensation you deserve through our thorough representation.

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A civil injunction for domestic violence is an action filed in the Circuit Court where a party seeks Court protection from an individual as a result of a variety of forms of violence that can exist in a domestic form of relationship.

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Estate Planning

Certain life changes that may warrant scheduling an estate planning
consultation/evaluation from moving states to dealing with divorces.

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