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For a large number of married couples, divorce will unfortunately be the inevitable outcome, and it can truly be one of life’s most difficult and painful experiences for all involved.  A permanent break-up of a family unit, regardless of the varying and unique circumstances, is often a devastating blow that many have compared to the feelings and stages of grief one might experience following the death of a loved one.  To be sure, the intact family unit provides, for most of us, a necessary and important foundation of safety, security, and predictability despite whatever the degree of imperfection or dysfunction all families face.  

The Law Office of Elizabeth J. Coviello, P.A. provides legal representation to those faced with navigating the oftentimes daunting and confusing legal process and procedure of divorce and other family law-related legal actions.  Our firm’s primary goal is to provide sound legal advice grounded in rational and reasonable analysis during a time when our clients are experiencing a period of emotional upheaval and uncertainty.

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Domestic Violence

An injunction for domestic violence is an action filed where a party seeks Court protection from an individual that exists in a domestic form of relationship.

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Small Business

The Law Office of Elizabeth J. Coviello is dedicated to zealous representation of clients in all phases of their life. Many times, this involves the operation of a small or family business.

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Estate Planning

Certain life changes that may warrant scheduling an estate planning
consultation/evaluation from moving states to dealing with divorces.

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